Homecoming 2021


Cayla Fansher, News Editor

Court Interviews

1. What is your favorite part of being on the court? 

Justin- “Selling my amazing t-shirts.”

Audrey- “Hanging out with my friends and being able to be in the parade.”

Connor- “My favorite part of being on court is getting to experience this with my friends.”

 Emily- “My favorite part about being on the court is spending time with the court. There is never a dull moment with them.

Nolan- “Experiencing this with our friends.”

Sydnee- “Experiencing this with our friends.”

Dane- “I convinced like 50 people to wear a shirt that says I think they’re hot.”

Piper- “My favorite part of being on court is probably getting out of class for all the meetings and decorating and stuff.”

Chris- “Getting to make my own T-shirt”

Cayla- “Getting to spend time with a couple of my best friends and experiencing this together. And you know, getting to quote Pitbull and Nicki Manaj in my speech.”

2. If you could have a celebrity escort who would it be?

Justin- “Millie Bobby Brown”

Audrey- “Taylor Swift”

Connor- “My celebrity escort would be Aaron Rodgers.”

Emily- “If I could have a celebrity escort I would choose Justin Bieber because I love him.”

Nolan- “Dolly Parton”

Sydnee- “Tim McGraw”

Dane- “Ryan Reynolds, duh.”

Piper- “Micheal B Jordan because that man is FIIIINNNNEEE.”

Chris- “Dwayne, “The Rock”, Johnson”

Cayla- “Still Chris because he’s always said that he’s going to be famous one day and forget about all of us.”

3. Would you rather faint at coronation or graduation?  

Justin- “Graduation”

Audrey- “Graduation”

Connor- “I would rather faint at graduation.”

Emily- “I would rather faint at graduation since there are more people out there with me instead of just 10.”

Nolan- “Coronation”

Sydnee- “Graduation”

Dane- “Graduation, I want to be the center of attention.”

Piper- “Mhmmm probably graduation.”

Chris- “Graduation”

Cayla- “Graduation. No doubt about it. I’m probably going to trip up the stage anyway lol.”

4. Why should the people vote for you?

Justin- “Because I’m da bomb.com.”

Audrey- “I need to finish what my sister Meg started, she was on court and she lost, but I’m cooler than her and don’t want to lose too.

Connor- “People should vote for me because I’m a cool dude.

Emily- “I think the people should vote for me because it would be really cool to be queen and my brother didn’t win TWIRP king so it would be cool to win so I could be cooler than him.”

Nolan- “Because I am nice to everyone I meet and I try to be as helpful as possible.”

Sydnee- “Because I’m outgoing and positive.”

Dane- “Because sometimes I’m sad.”

Piper- “People should vote for me because if you don’t, your mom is lame.”

Chris- “Cause I have nice forearms”

Cayla- “I really don’t know. I mean I think I’m funny, so there’s that.”

5. Why did you choose your song?

Justin- “Because the story behind it is great.”

Audrey- “I chose my song as a tribute to my dad, because it reminds me of him and I thought it would be cool to walk into that song.

Connor- “I picked my song because that’s what Emily wanted to do.”

Emily- “I chose this song because it means a lot to me since we are seniors and I wish we just had more time especially since senior nights are starting to happen for fall sports.”

Nolan- “Because it goes with our ‘theme’ and it is a song that means a lot to us.”

Sydnee- “Because it goes with our ‘theme’ and it is a song that means a lot to us.”

Dane- “It’s cool.”

Piper- “I chose my song because it matches me and Dane’s vibe. And our first choice “Stay N Alive” got denied. Dane also said my other song was too sad.”

Chris- “Because it was in the movie Tommy Boy”

Cayla- “I wanted to make Chris happy, and I ended up liking the song, so here we are.